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ACTU: Budget Report

FIND the ACTU’s Federal budget summary below. Read the full report below.

ACTU Budget briefing 2014

Superannuation: The Super Guarantee increase delayed four years. From July 1 it will stay at 9.5% until 2018, rather than increasing each year.

Commonwealth Public Sector Workers: An announced 16,500 workers to go over the next three years

Commonwealth Public Sector: CSIRO, ATO among those agencies to suffer major job losses, others like the Royal Australian Mint set for privatisation.

Youth: Under 30s are on their own for the first six months of unemployment, with no income support.

Pensions: Rather than rising with wages growth pensions will increase in line with the CPI.

Health: $7 co-payment for GP consultations, out of hospital pathology and imaging service, public to pay more for medicine, and Huge reduction in funding for public hospitals.

Education:  Cuts to school funding.

Uni: Repayment threshold cut, uni fee caps removed from 2016 and likely to rise, and HECS now in line with government debt, rather than CPI.

Families: Tightening of the Family Tax Benefit.

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