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Axe could fall on 25,000 Commonwealth PS jobs

25,000 public sector jobs could go under the Commission of Audit’s recommendations.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood says the report’s estimate of 15,000 was likely to be much higher due to the amount of outsourcing the commission recommends. Regional communities would be hardest hit.

“This report gives Tony Abbott a green-light to slash jobs and hand over essential public services to his big business mates so they can be run for profit, rather than for the common good of all Australians,” Ms Flood said. “As sure as night follows day outsourcing on this scale would lead to massive job losses, higher costs and reduced services. “The Abbott Government and their big business backers need to be reminded that public sector workers are real people not just figures on a spread-sheet.

“They have families and mortgages just like other Australians. Why should their livelihoods be held hostage to this radical ideological agenda?”

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