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Extend the scope of Royal Commission

THIS week ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver wrote to the PM asking him to broaden the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into trade unions. The letter comes after reports of ‘slush funds’ associated with the Liberal Party in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and it says all people and entities should be subject to equal scrutiny.

In his letter Mr Oliver writes: “Announcing the Royal Commission into Trade Unions on 10 February 2014, you said that a key purpose of it was to inquire into the activities of “‘slush funds’ and other similar funds and entities” related to trade unions. You indicated that such a step was necessary because of “widespread and credible claims” and that the purpose of the Commission was to “shine a great big spotlight into the dark corners of our community.” “A broadening of the terms of reference of the Royal Commission is therefore necessary. Without such a broadening, your Government’s decision to establish the Royal Commission will appear nakedly partisan, and the Commission’s findings will lack credibility.” Read the full letter below.

46TL-yc Attachment – Royal Commission – Letter to the Prime Minister

Your CPSU has always maintained high standards of governance and independence and has never been involved with slush funds of any kind.

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