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Federal Budget: CSIRO cuts

WITH far reaching cuts across the Commonwealth Public Sector, the full impact of the recent budget is still unfolding. Just looking at the CSIRO, the agency will take a hit, with $111.4m in appropriation funding cut and a loss of $3.4m because of the increased efficiency dividend. In jobs alone the budget papers show close to 500 job losses because of the cuts.


There are a number of ways the important services the CSIRO provides will be compromised including:


  • Funding cut of $80m to Cooperative Research Centres;
  • A huge $845.6m cut to industry programs like Commercialisation Australia and the Innovation Investment Fund;
  • Cuts to climate Science; and
  • The winding up of the Water Science Research Office


Cuts at a scale like these mean the CSIRO will no longer be able to provide the current scope and quality of services, which unfortunately might become commonplace across a range of public services.


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