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Meet CPSU Delegate Brett Malone

WE CAUGHT up with Delegate Brett Malone after he took part in a two-day training course. He’s a Data Integrity Officer at the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) in Hobart and became a Delegate in October 2013.

“I became a Delegate because I saw the need for one in our workplace. Our previous Delegate had taken up a position elsewhere, so when Ruby (CPSU Organiser Ruby Thomas-Thompson) was visiting one day, I put my hand up.

I enjoy the role and I’ve learned a lot. In my experience, people are sometimes unable to advocate for themselves, so I’m happy to encourage people in that regard and provide them with help and guidance if they need it. I think that being a member of your union, regardless of what industry it may be, is very important. As a Delegate, I try to convey that message to others.”

Brett enjoyed the recent Delegate training for a few reasons. “They were a great bunch of Delegates, and it was good meeting people from a range of workplaces such as Justice and Health, and to hear about what’s happening in those areas and their stories.

The training itself was valuable as well. It was great to get some background on the union movement and hear how things happen from a grassroots perspective.”

In his job at Registration and Licencing Branch, Brett performs quality assurance tasks and maintains data integrity in relation to the Motor Registry System and other registration and licencing functions.

“For example, there are many reasons why a driver’s licence may need to be retained and a request for another to be produced sent to the client. The signature may be obscured or absent or environmental conditions such as bright or dim sunlight may affect the photo quality. We have   guidelines aligned with the requirements for passports issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Duplicate client files are another area where potential security issues can arise and illegal or misleading activity may occur as a result. Therefore, data is regularly screened.”

Brett said there’s always plenty of work to keep abreast of, with inevitable backlogs occurring at certain times.

Brett moved to DIER in 2008 after working in a Hobart music store for many years in conjunction with co-running a small business.

Outside of work Brett plays a lot of music.

“I play quite a few instruments, but in this band, I play bass and backing vocals. We play twice or three times per week. We’ve got two versions of the band –  the regular three piece and also a duo version. We do a lot of gigs. There’s quite a bit involved in running and maintaining a band like that but I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s my main hobby.”

Along with music, Brett likes spending time with his family, gardening and food. My partner is a good cook and of course she’ll always be better than me but we all enjoy cooking, even the children.

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