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Personal leave accumulation scheme

DON’T forget, if you’re in a workplace covered by the Tasmanian State Service Award, express your interest.
Hundreds of Members have already registered their interest to see how the two personal leave schemes apply to them.
Your CPSU’s Personal Leave Calculator helps TSSA Members work out if they’re better off in the current triennium system or the new personal leave accumulation scheme. The calculation varies for each Member depending on years of service and how much personal leave they’ve taken. Deciding whether to stay or go could have a real impact on their future personal leave balance.
Members can express their interest by emailing   with their name, agency and especially phone number as many numbers have changed recently.
The CPSU will then contact them and ask:
1) How many years have you been employed in the public sector?
2) Have you always worked fulltime or have you had periods working part time?
3) On average, how many days of personal leave (sick leave and carer’s leave) have you have taken each year?
Members can also find out more about the new scheme here.

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