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TasWater bargaining update: fight likely

YOUR fellow Members in TasWater have a likely battle on their hands after the employer put up an aggressive, offensive and unrealistic claim to strip away their rights and conditions. Negotiations were already going to be challenging as we are bringing together 3 diverse current agreements into a single comprehensive document but the unrealistic claims by the employer make it that much harder.


Lowlights from the claim include:

• Seriously reducing weekend penalty rates

• Increasing the span of “normal hours” to cover weekend hours

• Removing time allowed for blood donation

• Getting rid of first aid allowance • Removing Easter Tuesday as a paid holiday

• Generally standardising everything to the lowest entitlements in the current agreements


As well as this unreasonable claim TasWater has refused to put out appropriate notices to all those who could be involved in the bargaining for the agreement. There’s also continued upheaval in structures as TasWater continues to change employees’ roles during the negotiating process.

Because of this it’s likely the CPSU and other unions have an impending dispute on their hands as they work together to stand up for Members during bargaining. These Members will need your support as negotiations continue over the coming months, and we’ll update you in due time about how you can do this.

TASWATER is also trying to limit the capacity and effectiveness of Union Delegates during EBA negotiations. Your union won’t tolerate this as it impacts on the effective representation of TasWater Members. Delegates are vital and the most important people at the negotiating table when it comes to ensuring an Agreement delivers fair and practical outcomes for Members.

Having Delegates at negotiations means the bargaining process is enriched with the on-the-ground knowledge about employees’ duties and how the workplace operates.

Bargaining is yet another important way Delegates represent Members and make better workplaces and a stronger union.

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