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Education, not gutting WHS Laws the answer

IN THE House of Assembly this week Parliamentary Secretary Adam Brooks moved  to change Work Health and Safety legislation rather than simply educating small businesses that supposedly find these laws too complicated.

(see notice paper here):

Surely the task is to educate small business rather  that gut Work Health and Safety legislation?

CPSU meme - adam brooks

Mr Brooks  moved:

—That the House:—

(1) Notes:—

(a) the Liberal Government’s commitment to make it easier for Tasmania’s small businesses by reducing the red and Green tape burden;

(b) that the Liberal Government has agreed to report to Council of Australian Governments by the end of 2014 with options to improve the model Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws, which have been in place in Tasmania since the start of 2013.

(c) the Liberal Government will not compromise worker health and safety, but the nearly 1,000 pages of WHS laws brought in by the former Labor-Green Government are complicated and little understood by Tasmanian Small

Businesses and taking a close look at their operation is both necessary and appropriate; and

(d) that this action is part of our commitment to reduce red and Green tape by 20 percent.

(2) Calls on this House to support the Government’s plan to make it easier for Tasmanian Small Businesses to operate. (27 May 2014).


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