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CPSU farewells Celeste Miller

LAST week we said goodbye to CPSU Industrial Officer Celeste Miller.

Celeste started with our union back in 2011 and was an invaluable Member of the CPSU’s Member Advice and Support Team. “I’ve been very grateful to work as an advocate for the CPSU’s hardworking Members,” Celeste said. “Although it has been challenging to navigate through such stressful periods with Members, the work has also been incredibly rewarding particularly in those longer cases where you see Members being empowered through fighting for just and fair outcomes.

When you see firsthand the outstanding contribution that unions such as the CPSU make to every aspect of working life for members it is staggering to think that there is a trend of declining union membership in Australia. CPSU Members can stand proud of their Union and the tireless work that staff and delegates perform for them every day. “


At the CPSU Celeste was a tenacious advocate for Members. If anyone had the privilege of Celeste as their CPSU representative, they’d know that she cared deeply for Members and was tireless when it came to standing up for their rights.

Celeste was a great asset to our CPSU and is a genuinely high quality industrial practitioner”, CPSU Acting Secretary Mat Johnston said. “Her tenacity and talent will be missed around the office but we’re all very glad she’s not moving out of the union movement and will continue working for the good of Tasmanian workers.”

She was also a fantastic mentor to her colleagues.

Although it’s a loss for us, Celeste will still work to help union members, moving to another Tasmanian union.

“All of us at the CPSU wish Celeste all the very best in the next step of her career and look forward to hearing about the fantastic results she is sure to achieve,” Mat said.

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