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Higher education changes: the real cost

THE Federal budget has a huge impact on higher education. You’ve probably heard about what it means in terms of rising costs and student debt.

It appears that wealthy members of the government are starting a class war so children of working people can’t afford to send their children to university.

We’ve broken down what these changes are and what mean to past, current and future university students. We have to say, any way you look at this, it’s pretty grim.


What’s happening?

Funding: Cuts of more than $5b from higher education.

Deregulation of student fees: Universities can charge what they like

HECS Interest: higher rates, more expensive degrees that take longer to pay off.


This will hurt Members who:

• are currently studying

• are considering university study

• have children who are studying or hope to go to uni in the future

• have a current HECS debt


Not to mention how this will impact on so many professions.

Click here to see a degree cost calculator to see what it means to you.

On this website you can also join a campaign and share the site with your colleague, friends and family.



The cost

Take a look at some examples below to see the likely increases for degrees in the future compared to now:



Peak body Universities Australia’s modelling shows student debt levels are likely to at least double thanks to the changes to the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) combined with the reduction in Commonwealth support.

The changes are likely to have a much more significant impact on women, with lower returns for a degree than men, those with a degree earning less than men, they are more likely to have interruptions to their career when raising a family and they’re also more likely to work part time.



Universities Australia



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