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Meet Delegates Lynn Bricknell and Dee Burton

WE SPOKE with two Delegates after they attended a Launceston training session for workplace representatives.

Lynn Bricknell from LINC Launceston and Dee Burton from Port Dalrymple School at George Town are both new to their Delegate roles. The ACTU foundations course for Delegates was an opportune time for both women to up skill. It was a cosy group of five Delegates from a range of agencies who worked in the north of the state.


Lynn said the training helped clarify a number of things, including the Delegate role and how the CPSU operates.


“The main lessons I took away from the course was to persevere, how to deal with management, and if there are any problems how we record and deal with it. It was great to hear how other people deal with issues in their workplaces.

I found the training worthwhile. The trainers were great, very open – you could ask them anything and if they didn’t know the answers they’d find them for you.”

Lynn follows in the footsteps of long term Delegate Pauline Blythe. “When she was leaving she asked another colleague, Peter Brake and I to fill her shoes. Some people feel more comfortable talking to men and others to women, so we’re hoping it will work quite well. Lynn said it was nice to have another Delegate to bounce ideas off. “We also have another Delegate, Jane White at Research Services Support, so if I’m a little bit stuck we can always talk with her as well.”

Lynn started at the Launceston LINC in 2008. “At first I was a volunteer, and since then I’ve worked in different roles. Currently I’m a Customer Service Officer. I enjoy the diverse range of tasks, you’re not stuck doing mundane jobs. Community learning, marketing, and the general day-to-day housekeeping jobs that keep the place running, are all part of my job.”

She’s been a CPSU Member for the best part of her career at LINC.

Outside work, she’s married with two adult children and six grandchildren. Reading is a favourite pastime.


Dee also got a lot out of the Delegate training.


“I’ve just started as a Delegate, my Organiser Kathryn (Lee) asked me to do the role. The training was excellent timing, being new to the role and I’d recommend it to anyone. Out of all the training courses I’ve ever done, it was one of the better ones.

“The main thing I took away from the training was where I stand as a Delegate, in terms of the union structure. If someone comes to me with a problem I now know where to go. It was good to hear about the different teams in our CPSU office and how they both work.

“What I also took from the training was that Members are the union. So when we’re talking about what the union is doing, that actually means Members, not just the CPSU office.”

Dee’s worked at Port Dalrymple School for 12 years. It’s a busy school, with just over 500 students from Kinder to Year 10 plus a Trade Training Centre.

“I started as a relief for the office, the day that finished they offered me a job as a Teacher Assistant. After doing some more relief in the office I applied for a job and won it. I’ve been working as a Clerk in the office for about six years now.

“I manage the office with two others. It’s a varied role with plenty of tasks including invoicing, ordering, looking after sick leave, working with the school community, helping teachers and parents. And of course working with the students – they are our main concern. I really enjoy that contact with others; I’m a real people person. Every you come in to school it’s different.”

Outside work Dee’s married with two grown-up sons. “My eldest son has three children, so I am a grandmother, which is my biggest joy in life.”

Basketball is a passion that Dee’s hoping to take up again soon, previously playing in the Masters. On the weekends Dee likes to watch her youngest son play football.


Dee and Lynn are two of the many CPSU Delegates around the state. Delegates are Members who are dedicated to helping others in their workplaces and acting as a vital intermediary between union office and their colleagues.

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