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No forced redundancies commitment

THE Tasmanian Liberals have yet again reaffirmed their commitment to no forced redundancies.

In Parliament last week Peter Gutwein restated his government’s promise that Tasmanian Public Sector Workers would not be made forcibly redundant.

The Hansard extract shows the following.

SCOTT BACON: “There is, however, a very apparent emergency in the minds of thousands of Tasmanian public servants who do not know if they will have a job after August. Again, the Premier today refused to rule out using forced redundancies to achieve these budget tasks. The Treasurer’s insincere and unconvincing act of shock and surprise in relation to the state’s budgetary position is fooling no-one. Despite his monumental slip-up in Parliament on Tuesday of this week when he claimed, and I quote: ‘Everyone is falling for it’. I can assure you, Treasurer, they are not.”


PETER GUTWEIN: “The other point that Mr Bacon made was that we were going to have forced redundancies, so let me rule that out completely. We made a commitment and we will stick to our commitments.”

This is good news for the thousands of public sector employees who work each day to make Tasmanians’ lives better.

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