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Presumptive Cancer Legislation update

BEFORE the state election the CPSU ran a campaign, supported by almost all Forestry Tasmania (FT) and Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) employees, to try to get all PWS and FT staff covered under the Presumptive Cancer Legislation, which currently covers Tasmanian Fire Service employees. This means that if any FT or PWS employee who contracts cancer as a result their firefighting responsibilities would be able to be compensated by the Tasmanian Government.


CPSU FT and PWS Members presented a petition to former minister David O’Byrne that asked for this change in legislation. All three major political parties supported looking at changing the legislation when the Act came up for review this year in June.


Well it’s now June and your CPSU has now written to the Tasmanian Premier (see the letter below) seeking that the Government follow through on its commitment and look at changing the legislation.

Letter to Will Hodgman 24.06.2014

If you have any questions about this, please contact your CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe at  or on 6234 1708.


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