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Tasmanian Government Breaks Pre-Election Jobs Promises

A SERIOUS economic slowdown and forced redundancies loom over us now the government has broken promises to boost economic activity, promote jobs growth and cut only 500 state service jobs.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein has announced the slashing of 1500 full time equivalent jobs from Tasmania’s public sector, so when part-timers are considered more than 2000 families will have their incomes destroyed.

The government blames the previous administration and prefers the numbers it’s been given recently to the report verified by Tasmania’s Auditor General and tabled last year that showed the savings target set by the ALP/Green Government was met.

The Government seems hell-bent on the same mistakes that slowed our economy in recent years: Threats to jobs and fear-driven reduced economic activity.

There’s little detail on how jobs will be cut, what areas they’ll come from and whether entire programs and services Tasmanians rely on will go or if it’ll be blanket attrition.

The lack of a specific plan points to economic naivety and a disregard for services we rely on and the Tasmanians who deliver them, and without this detail every public servant feels threatened

The Tasmanian Government has defaulted on its contract with voters in the same way the Commonwealth Government has betrayed the trust of those who elected it.

Your CPSU has a proven record of holding all governments to account and the campaign ahead will be no different.

All Tasmanians need to discuss what we expect from every level of government regarding services, social safety nets, infrastructure and stability.

Talk of spending and expenditure is just one element – it’s critical that a fairer system of revenue is part of the discussion.

The threat is real and it’s serious.

CPSU Members are part of a strategic, strong and active union and they’re investing in their future security and the stability of the services they deliver to all Tasmanians.

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