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Wage freeze story goes national

IN RECENT days unions and supporters around Australia have rallied to support Tasmanian Public Sector Workers after the wage freeze announcement, which looks to undermine bargaining in our state.


The ACTU Executive passed a resolution saying

“The ACTU National Executive condemns the Tasmanian Liberal Government for its decision today to freeze the wages of Tasmanian public sector workers. The proposed wage freeze amounts to a real wage cut for over 26,000 workers. This unilateral move undermines the legitimate industrial relations system which is in place, and is an abuse of the power and responsibility of the government. The ACTU will work with affiliates to defend the bargaining rights of Tasmanian workers from this ideological and misguided attack.”


Our update was also shared with Trade and Labour Councils around the country.

We’ve had messages of support from unions around the nation, including CPSU Victoria and Together in Queensland. Plenty of other unions have also leant support, and shared our message on social media.

The Workforce publication put out the article below:


The Public Public Service Association of NSW put out the below update to its Members:

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What can you do?

  • Attend the Bust the Budget Rallies in Hobart, Devonport and Launceston
  • Like us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word about what’s happening.
  • Tell your colleagues to join the CPSU – together we have strength, and we’re here to help with issues and when times are tough
  • Sign the petition


On behalf of Members, thank you to everyone who’s supported us so far!

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