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Department Indicates Human Services not part of “One State” Reforms, Flags Consultation while THOs Remain Silent

LAST week your CPSU reported that we’d written to Health Minister Michael Ferguson after his announcement on Saturday July 26 that he was commencing a large scale restructure of Tasmania’s health system under the banner “One State, One Health System, Better Health Outcomes”.

Despite rumours circulating about the regional Tasmanian Health Organisations merging for weeks Mr Ferguson made the announcement without any consultation with our Members or their union. In fact like most announcements made by this government, a journalist told your CPSU about the announcement. This approach to a wide ranging and potentially life-changing restructure such as this is extremely disappointing and illustrates the disregard this government have for its employees.

While there’s still very little detail about what effects the restructure will have on Members we’re pleased to report that we’ve received correspondence from the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, in which Acting Secretary Michael Pervan agreed to consult with staff and their unions. Mr Pervan also explained that Human Services is outside the scope of the reforms. This is welcome news. You can read the letter below.

83236 PR – CPSU – Signed

We’ll be approaching the CEOs of the current THOs to seek corresponding commitments to live up to their Award responsibilities for consultation and change. We’ll share any undertakings we get in response with you.

To achieve significant improvements to health outcomes for the community, Health Minister Ferguson must talk to the people who know the system and know how to improve it – people like you and your colleagues.

CPSU Members in THOs and non-Human Services departmental positions should contact Nick Duncombe on 62341708 or at  if you have any questions or comments.

Human Services Members should contact Sarah Miller on 6234 1708 or at .

It’s critically important that your colleagues who haven’t yet joined the CPSU get on board. All Tasmanian public sector workers are facing an extremely aggressive employer at the moment and, with another wholesale program coming in, there’s no better protection that standing together in your CPSU. You can download a membership application below.



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