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Peoples’ Picket Line

LAST week your CPSU spoke out against a State Government Bill that would impact on anyone protesting anything in our state. The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill 2014 (see here) passed the Lower House late Thursday night.

CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston said the legislation criminalised nearly all forms of protest in Tasmania, including industrial disputes.

“Not all forms of protest are appropriate but there are already laws that apply, such as trespass, under the Criminal Code and Police Offences Act”, Mr Johnston said. “Anyone who thinks at some stage in their life they may need to protest against something, and we’ve seen pensioners and the disabled doing just that recently, ought to be very concerned by this legislation.”

The CPSU will lobby the Legislative Council to block this legislation, and will ask Members to help in this effort soon.

Sign the petition here!

A rally is organised for August 19 in Hobart to protest this legislation and the CPSU encourages you to put this date in your calendar; you can find the details on Facebook (here).

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