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Who are we petitioning?

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman


What do we want him to do?

Enter into a genuine discussion with Tasmania’s public sector unions and their workers about pay

To respect and maintain our system of collective bargaining

Not to diminish the right of workers and the unions who represent them to have a say on wages

Stop abusing your legislative privilege to attack working Tasmanians


Why is this important?

It’s the worst attack on public sector workers we’ve seen in Australia so far. Tasmanian Public Sector workers’ fundamental right to fair wages are at stake. Not only this, but the Tasmanian Government is on a path to undermine the entire state bargaining system through legislative change.

Premier Will Hodgman and Treasurer Peter Gutwein and their cabinet colleagues have chosen a shameful abuse of legislative powers to override recently agreed State Service Agreements and Awards.

  • Cabinet intends to reduce all headline salary increases to 0% for a period of 12 months from the enactment of proposed legislation. These increases were to be 2% for most employees or $1000 for those on the lowest classifications. This is the fourth of six agreed real wages cuts for most workers.
  • Cabinet has further determined it will freeze any incremental progression as well as performance and qualifications based increments.
  • By capping wages increases to match employer policy the government will stop workers from meaningfully bargaining for wages after the one year pay and increment freeze. This appears to apply in perpetuity.
  • The government will introduce two separate Bills to achieve its objectives. One creates a new statute to attempt to over-ride the current negotiated and agreed salary increases and increments and the other will amend the Tasmanian Industrial Relations Act 1984 to render bargaining on wages meaningless. The latter Bill will also fetter the Tasmanian Industrial Commission’s ability to make orders on wages.
  • The government aims to have the Bills through both houses of parliament by October.
  • The majority of Tasmania’s state service workers have already agreed to 6 years of wage restraint of 2% or less and have seen a reduction in the workforce amounting to thousands of workers while demand for services grows constantly. This is an unprecedented attack on the rights of working Tasmanians to have a say on their wages and enter into binding agreements with their employer and is a clear attack on the discretion of the industrial umpire to make objective orders.
  • The legacy of this ill-conceived, ideological attack on workers will be the removal of the ability to bargain for wages increases, leaving government policy alone to dictate increases, and the fettering of the industrial umpire. The Tasmanian Industrial Commission will be limited to only making wage decisions that agree with government policy. This is a subversion of well-established industrial and legal norms and an abuse of power. What happened to democracy?
  • There’s no guarantee or commitment from government that these vicious measures will save even one job. Despite his rhetoric, the Treasurer Peter Gutwein has refused to commit the government to the number of jobs that will be saved. A government that changes the law to breach contracts can’t be trusted.


Tasmanian Workers need your support! Please sign the petition here.


If you live in Tasmania, please also come to one of the Bust the Budget rallies:



Thursday August 28


Parliament Lawns



Thursday 4 September 4


Civic Square



Thursday September 4


Rooke Street Mall

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