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Forestry Tasmania EBA Update

AT THE last Enterprise Bargaining meeting on August 5, both the CPSU and the AWU advised Forestry Tasmania (FT) that the claim for a new classification structure, reflective of that in the Tasmanian State Service, was a fundamental issue that needed addressing as a matter of urgency in the bargaining process.

FT restated its preference to maintain the current arrangements for a period of about 18 months, during which time FT would undertake a review of a new structure that would “suit the needs of the business” going forward. FT proposed that such a review would include consideration of the state service structure. See FT’s full response below.

AWU & CPSU Classification and Salary review response

Unions again made it clear that this approach was at odds with Members’ preferred approach and FT agreed to take time to review options and present your bargaining team with an updated position. FT has now provided that updated position, which is no different than the one presented on August 5. In its 18 month ‘rollover’ proposal, FT also noted that it’d willing to support an unspecified “interim salary increase”.

It’s clear there’s a breakdown in the process and that FT isn’t willing to consider seriously the claims of its employees. For many years now FT staff have worked under agreements that are significantly below par in good faith, fully recognising the organisation’s poor financial situation. Members are no longer willing to accept this. As such, the unions are asking for advice on what action Members believe appropriate to make it clear to FT that their hard-lined stance can’t continue.

Membership meetings – coming up

The CPSU and AWU will hold statewide membership meetings to seek Member support for what actions they deem appropriate to send a clear message to FT, and get them back to the table in a to negotiate seriously. We’ll let you know the meeting details once confirmed, likely in the next week.

If you have questions please speak to your local CPSU Delegate or contact the CPSU’s James Roberts at  or on 6234 1708.


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