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Government backs away from hardline stance on State Sector Workers

YESTERDAY your CPSU updated you on intimidation tactics the state government was employing against its own workers and their unions.

We understand that today the government issued new advice to agencies instructing them to work locally with unions and workers to facilitate attendance at union meetings. This is a welcome return to legal, normal practice!


Your CPSU sent a clear message to government yesterday that Members wouldn’t be bullied and intimidated and it seems that message was heard loud and clear!


“CPSU Members and our friends in other public sector unions stepped up yesterday, worked together and defended their right to organise, to be informed and to associate freely,” CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston said.


“In the end the government made the right call by reversing its instruction but seriously, why do these things need to be done the hard way all the time instead of simply discussing it with people before hand?” Mr Johnston asked.


As we understand it the return to normal settings can be summarised as follows:

• Meetings will be arranged as through regular channels and facilities can be used,

• Members and potential members can attend subject to operational coverage,

• Union staff, Delegates and Members will discuss practicalities about meetings with local management, and

• Members won’t be required to use flex etc to meet to discuss industrial issues, including the budget.


You can’t be bullied into not attending meetings. If you feel you are being treated inappropriately despite this positive development please contact your workplace Delegate, Organiser or the union office on 6234 1708 or .


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