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Questions over jobs in SES, TFS and Tas Police after audit announcement

ON FRIDAY you would’ve received notice of an audit of corporate support services in the broader departmental scope of Police and Emergency Management (DPEM). The audit, that a private sector firm will conduct, is tasked with looking at management structures and governance arrangements with a view to eliminate duplication and improve efficiency.

Your CPSU also received notification on Friday by letter (see below attachment).

Letter to CPSU re review of corporate support within DPEM

The letter specific mentions that “the State Government has reaffirmed its commitment that there will be no forced redundancies”. While this should provide some comfort to Members, it’s clear that the looming Tasmanian budget will put immense pressure on departments, including DPEM, to drastically reduce staff numbers.


“Despite a pre-election promise to limit job cuts to 500FTE, the government is now flagging 1500”, CPSU Acting General Secretary Mat Johnston said. “This sets the real context around audits like the one announced in DPEM. We expect there to be immense pressure to significantly reduce the numbers of un-uniformed staff, which can only negatively impact on operability, capacity and community safety. It’ll also put immense pressure on remaining staff as they’ll be no doubt asked to do the same or more work with fewer resources.”


Your CPSU will engage with any consultative process and work with your Delegates and all Members to reduce any negative elements of the audit and its eventual recommendations.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your CPSU Organisers Ruby Thomas-Thompson (TFS) at  or Luke Middleton (Tas Police and SES) at  to provide any feedback or raise questions or concerns. Please feel free to leave a message for either by calling the office on 6234 1708.

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