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Agency Savings – The Big Picture

THE TASMANIAN Budget was polished up to be as shiny as possible by last Thursday, but we all know there are some unsavoury things you can’t polish, and this one strips three quarters of a billion dollars from services all Tasmanians need and our Members deliver.
See the government’s agency breakdown of ‘Budget Savings Strategies’.  Since when did one-line dot points equal ‘strategies’?
The most telling part of a budget is what happens next – how a list of numbers converts into job losses, service cuts and work overload. There is an obligation on the employer to consult employees and their unions around major change but we doubt that’ll happen, so that’s where we need you!
CPSU Delegates and Members have a right to keep their union informed of developments in their workplace, and we urge you to provide up to date information to your CPSU Organiser or union office on (03)6234 1708 or

Agency Saving Strategies

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