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AGM: recognition and reflection

LAST FRIDAY your CPSU held its Annual General Meeting. Over 40 people attended the event at the Hobart office.


It’s been a busy 12 months with major Agreements like the PSUWA registered, the state election campaign and the events after the new government was voted in, which meant a huge shift in focus to the Bust the Budget and Save Public Services campaigns.


At the AGM, CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said he was proud that over 1000 CPSU Members attended the Hobart rally last week, with hundreds of workplace leaders and Delegates stepping up to spread the word and support the event.


“Any organisation that has active Members and strong leaders is heading in the right direction.”

Mr Lynch said now was the time for workers to join the CPSU.


“Being part of a collective makes us all stronger. We need to be strong we’ve got a lot of challenges ahead”


At the AGM a number of CPSU Awards and Commendations were handed out and our Amy Batt Memorial Scholarships were also announced, read about these below.

See the photos on our Facebook page here.


CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community

Recipient: Nanette Jaksic

Nanette Jaksic certainly deserves this award. She has worked tirelessly for the Boxes for Christmas Charity, which was started by Nanette’s Cousin, Margaret after her mother (Nanette’s Auntie Edna) died in a NSW nursing home.

Every Christmas Edna used to give away small gifts to people on her street, those who had no friends or family to be with, and so after she died, Margaret carried on her Mother’s kindness and starting giving gifts to people in nursing homes at Christmas time.

Now Nanette has brought Boxes for Christmas to Tasmania, fundraising, buying, wrapping and delivering gifts to nursing homes all over Tassie.

As well as Boxes for Christmas, Nanette volunteers for the Royal Hobart Hospital, Wildcare and the Cancer Council. Nanette has done so much for our community.

She is a retired CPSU Member and has been with us for almost 30 years. Nanette was on the Union’s Council, she was also a CPSU Delegate. She worked for the Parks and Wildlife service in various admin roles.


Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community

Recipients: Tamatha Creely, Sarah Weaver & Janice Reid


Tamatha is a fantastic Tasmanian who has done much for our community and deserves to be recognised.

In November last year, Tamatha did something incredible by shaving off her long brown hair to raise money for cancer research, raising almost $700! This huge deed was done on Canteen’s Bandana Day at Rosetta Primary School.

Tamatha has seen one of her colleagues survive breast cancer, but has also seen the devastating effects of the disease. This was the catalyst for her decision to shave her locks!

On top of fundraising, working and being a Mum, Tamatha is also studying part time to become a teacher.

Tamatha works at the Royal Hobart Hospital as a Finance Officer and has been a member of the CPSU for 18 years and has been a delegate for over 5 years.



Another incredible Tasmanian to mention is Sarah Weaver.

Sarah not only works as an Admin Officer at Ogilvie High School, she also uses her spare time as an artist, to raise awareness for Hemochromatosis, an illness that can affect 1 in 200 people. It’s a gastrointestinal genetic condition (not a blood disorder) where iron builds up in the organs, which can then lead to iron overload.

Sarah’s husband was diagnosed with the condition about 10 years ago after falling very ill.

Sarah got a group of other artists together to tell the story of Hemochromatosis through art and has set up exhibitions to show their pieces.

She is also a volunteer advocate for Hemochromatosis Australia.

Sarah has been a valued member of the CPSU for 7 years.



Janice is another one of our Community Spirited Tasmanians raising money for cancer.

Janice herself is a survivor, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2009 and started the round- a- bout of Doctors and treatment.

Over the past 5 years, Janice has met and continues to have friendships with many, but has lost a few friends as well, because of this disease.

She hasn’t let all this pull her down though, as she is a massive advocate in the fight for the cure for cancer. She has hosted The Girls Night In 5 times and in 2012 received an award for the 7th highest fundraiser in Tasmania, raising $2000!!

Janice was one of 15 000 people, survivors or loved ones of those who have experienced cancer, to fundraise for The Field of Women, which raises money for Breast Cancer and is held at the MCG. She individually raised $800.

She is also an avid Dragon Boat Paddler for Breast Cancer survivors, which she has been doing for 4 years, and even though she used to be afraid of water, she now heads out on the Derwent River every Saturday morning at 8.30am.

Janice has been a member of the CPSU for 22 Years and works as an Admin Officer in Parks and Wildlife.



CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Workplace Delegate

Recipients: Scott Ragg & Anthony Timmerman



Scott has been outstanding in his role as a CPSU Delegate in Pathology at the Royal Hobart Hospital. He played a leading role in advancing the implementation of recommended changes, following an independent investigation into bullying, harassment and workplace culture in his workplace.

He has also been a sound and helpful support to individuals struggling with workplace conflict and he works tirelessly to make his workplace a better environment for all staff.

Scott has been a solid member and delegate of the CPSU for 17 years. He is also a CPSU Councillor and has been since 2008.



Another Outstanding Delegate, Anthony has led the fight on improving WHS within Parks and Wildlife, by setting up a workplace WHS committee.

He did this whilst facing a huge amount of resistance from Management.

Anthony has now inspired other Parks and Wildlife Field Centres to follow his lead and fight to improve their workplaces.

Anthony works at Narawantapu Field Centre and has been with the CPSU for 3 years.


Commendations for Workplace Delegates:


Recipients: Lyn Wilson and Marc Cobham



Lyn works as a Client Service Officer for Service Tasmania on the beautiful Flinders Island.

She is also a valued CPSU Delegate. Although her workplace is small (She co-shares her job with one other person) Lyn believes her role as Delegate is valuable as due to their remoteness, they can experience issues which might be different to other Service Tas Shops in Tassie.

Lyn loves to represent the causes of people and always loves to champion the underdog. She was an un-official Delegate for Members for a long time, helping her CPSU colleagues achieve some terrific results!!

She has been a fantastic member of the CPSU for 11 years and a Delegate since last year.


Another Flinders Islander (although originally from Sydney), who is also a CPSU Delegate is Marc Cobham.

He is the Support Services Co-ordinator at the Flinders Island Hospital and supervises 13 full time, part time and casual staff. He believes strongly in the rights of workers and is very passionate about helping his fellow CPSU colleagues. Marc is another one of our members who agrees it is valuable to have delegates in small worksites.

Marc has been a member of the CPSU for 11 years and became a Delegate last year.


CPSU Suzanne Pearce Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Children & Youth Services

Recipient: Gill Shilling

Gill is a Child Protection Worker for Child and Youth Services and has been nominated for this award because she has a massive heart and truly cares about the children she has on her caseload. She always puts the needs of these children first, in anything that she does and works tirelessly for them, as if they were her own.

Gill is a quiet achiever, and gets on with her job and does what she needs to do to keep these children safe.

Gill has been a valued member of the CPSU for 4 years.


Amy Batt Memorial Scholarship presentation

As we have done in past years, our 2014 recipients received their cheque earlier in the year. We give recognition each AGM, but unfortunately neither was able to attend today. We still wish to acknowledge them:


Danielle Le Rossignol

Danielle not only works full time as a Speech and Language Pathologist for the Department of Education, but she is also, as of March this year, studying for her Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education.

Danielle is passionate about enhancing her clinical teaching skills to support caregivers and other professionals in working effectively with students. These students are at risk of academic, social, mental health and vocational disadvantages due to their communication difficulties.

The CPSU scholarship will support the completion of her diploma, with a view to continuing onto a Master’s degree in Clinical Education.

Danielle also does volunteer work in camps for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

She has been a valuable member of the CPSU for 16 years.


Miranda Fenton

Miranda is the daughter of long serving CPSU Member, Tony Fenton and has been studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne since February this year.

Miranda’s ideal career would be within the area of health sciences and she would eventually like to work in a specialised area of Allied Health, such as speech pathology. She believes the possibility of rehabilitating those with communication defects would be both rewarding and challenging. This would entail an additional 2 years of study after finishing her Arts Degree.

The CPSU Scholarship will ease the financial burden on her parents, who support her fully while she studies in Melbourne. With the money, she can also purchase texts beneficial for her studies and for the future.



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