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Child Protection Week

OFTEN without thanks or recognition, each week Children and Youth Services workers look after our most vulnerable.

There’s no doubt the services these workers provide, looking Tasmania’s vulnerable children and young people, are one of the most important for our community.

Child Protection in Tasmania is under resourced. These workers are dedicated to playing their part to help protect our children and youth but often it’s under heavy caseloads and without enough resources. The government needs to commit to properly fund these important services that it refuses to call front line.

National Child Protection Week is about thanking workers in Child Projection, Youth Justice, as well as School Social Workers and many more.

It’s also about recognising the work they do and reminding Tasmania and the government that these services are crucial and need adequate resourcing.

The CPSU thanks all Members who work hard to make sure our children and young people are safe.

NAPCAN Child Protection Week runs between September 5-13.



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