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CPSU welcomes Organisers Kerrie and Kaitlin

WE’RE thrilled to welcome Kaitlin Roach and Kerrie Garnsey to the Organising & Campaigning Team. You might’ve already met them out and about at worksites for our recent campaign. Read more about Kerrie and Kaitlin below.

Kaitlin Roach


















HAILING from Launceston, Kaitlin has a rich background in campaigning and policy – skills that are valuable to her new role as Organiser – and at UTAS she studied Arts majoring in sociology and public policy and went on to achieve first class honours in Public Policy last year.

“My focus was sustainable development policy looking at regional development and projects that enhance the liability of places. I was doing my honours thesis while I worked on the Federal election campaign, which was super hectic but both were such great experiences.

My role on the campaign was primarily doorknocking, which is similar to organising, and it really highlighted the need for people to have a voice as there are so many people who don’t know how to stand up for themselves or can’t do it alone. If you can give someone a hand and a voice then you should be out there doing something, and not just letting issues slide.

After uni I was on the hunt for work that was meaningful and helped others, and with the CPSU I’m looking forward to meeting a diverse group of people across the community and public sector in Tasmania and being able to represent them.”

Kaitlin did a short stint in France as an exchange student. “The French language and culture is one of my main interests, and I also do traditional Irish dancing, which is my number one hobby and I’ve been doing it for 18 years. I do about six hours a week studying and we compete three times a year. The Irish dancing scene in Tasmania is quite small but it’s nice to keep the tradition alive. People either think it’s really cool or really weird!”

Welcome to the Team Kaitlin!


Kerrie Garnsey










KERRIE’s from the beautiful North-West Coast and her career has set her in good stead for her CPSU organising and campaigning role as she’s worked for about 15 years in state government, with experience in the Education, Parks & Wildlife and Health departments.

“It’s a good range but mostly I was in Health so I’m well versed in how things work there, and my main roles have been in budget, HR, management, recruitment and areas like that, and have seen all the rebranding with the Health Organisations. I was attracted to the CPSU job because I have an understanding of the workings of government, am a people person, and also a strong person so I’m ready to get involved and stand up for people. I love cases that may be in the “too hard basket” and I thrive on helping people and being in a busy environment, so I’m looking forward to getting in there and helping Members. Kerrie’s also excited to start in the middle of a major campaign. “I’ve got a voice and I’m not afraid to use it, and I love being in the deep end where I know I won’t sink… I’ll swim!

Outside work Kerrie enjoys travelling, especially to Thailand. “We live on the beach up in the North West, so we’re always beach combing and walking, having picnics and barbecues, doing a bit of fishing. I’ve got four boys and a hubby, so that keeps us fairly busy!”

Welcome to the Team Kerrie!


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