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Focus shifts to Upper House as Bill passes Lower House

UNFORTUNATELY the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill passed the Lower House last night.

Now it’s over to the Upper House to defeat this legislation that is an attack on your working rights.

During the debate in Parliament last night both Labor and Greens challenged the government every step of the way, exposing that the Bill wasn’t just about freezing wages. Rather, these parties showed the legislation’s true agenda: getting rid of collective bargaining, abandoning a fair industrial relations system and tearing independence away from our Industrial Commission.

The government couldn’t explain the need for this legislation or how the regulations would work in practice.

In the end Premier Will Hodgman was so embarrassed he guillotined debate.

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The Legislative Council is in the spotlight now. It’s up to our MLCs – who are elected to represent you, as constituents, to throw out the Bill.


Take action!


Sign the petition

The petition to the Upper House is going strong and gathering momentum. Now over 3000 people are asking MLCs to reject the legislation – that’s an increase of 1000 who’ve signed since last week.

We need more signatures to send an undeniable message to the Legislative Council that Tasmanians won’t accept this attack on working rights.

Sign the petition here. Share it with your friends, family and workmates.


Write to your MLC

Even better, write to your Legislative Councilor and tell them you’re unhappy and why it’s important that this Bill doesn’t see the light of day.

Click here to find a map of Legislative Council divisions, a contact list for MLCs and a letter writing kit to ensure a strong message is sent to the Upper House that Tasmanian workers reject this legislation. Get your friends, family and colleagues to write a letter to.


Together we can defeat this anti-worker legislation!


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