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Government Targets Umbrellas

THE BEST example the government could come up with during budget estimates for where it intends to cut supplies and consumables across the public sector by $1800 is to deny workers the use of umbrellas.

Braddon backbencher Joan Rylah tabled an umbrella as part of a question to Premier Hodgman at Estimates on Tuesday asking him how much the Department of Premier & Cabinet had spent on umbrellas over the past 2 years.


Presumably she tabled the object because she wasn’t sure the Premier would understand the question without having an actual umbrella in front of him. Later in the day she opened the umbrella and skipped, Mary Poppins style, around parliament lawns so the media would see how an umbrella worked. The Premier described the $1800 spent on umbrellas over 2 years as an example of the previous government’s wasteful practices.


The CPSU assumes the umbrellas were used by staff to protect themselves from rain when walking from their offices to meetings. The Libs may think this is wasteful but the union believes it’s an employer’s responsibility to provide reasonable protective equipment for staff.


By comparison to that $1800 spent over 2 years, Estimates revealed the Premier’s chief of staff and deputy chief of staff were both paid fulltime equivalent salaries of between $220,000 and $260,000. Tasmanians can decide which of these examples really constitutes waste.




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