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National Firefighters Cancer Awareness Day: Thank you for keeping our state safe

TODAY is National Firefighters Cancer Awareness Day.

Public Sector workers in Parks, TasFire and Forestry protect Tasmanians with their firefighting expertise each year.

Other workers in Police and Emergency Management, including the State Emergency Services also help us during fire season.

Whether it’s on the fire ground, producing fire maps, liaising with services, answering the phone or making sure Firefighters and properly looked after, resourced and fed – the contribution of these public sector workers is invaluable.

Thank you for the work you do and the contribution you make.

Last week a range of Tasmanians, including CPSU Members, took a minute to say thanks with a poster– see their photos here.

Before the election the government promised to look at the Presumptive Cancer Legislation, which currently covers Tasmanian Fire Service employees. The CPSU’s campaigning for the inclusion of Forestry and Parks employees in the legislation’s coverage. This would mean that if any Forestry and Parks employee who contracted cancer as a result their firefighting responsibilities would be able to be compensated by the Tasmanian Government.

Your union is committed to holding the government to this promise.

This comes as article were published in the media today saying the Fire Service will be absorb $2m, with State Emergency Service moving to the Agency. Only about $400,000 of the $2.4m to run the SES will go to the Fire Service. This means TasFire will have to do more with less, with

Read the article here.

Protect our Firefighters: they protect us.


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