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PWS Update: Escalation of Industrial Action

LOW-LEVEL industrial action has been in place for CPSU Members in PWS for some time. Despite this the government still refuses to give the necessary assurances, which mean it can bargain with us in good faith and keep any agreements we reach.

It’s time to start considering escalating your industrial action.

For l industrial action to succeed it needs wide support and implementation. This means it’s critical for you have your say on if we need to escalate industrial action and what this should be.

Suggestions for further industrial action include:


– Not responding to non-essential emails/calls from head office for a specific day or days of the week.

– Taking all meal breaks. Currently small field offices have someone on the desk all day and they eat their lunch when they get a chance, so they’ll now put a sign up and go have a break. Large field offices can stagger their breaks, but the next action could be they all have breaks at the same time.

– Working to rule. Phones on from 8am– 4.30pm only. No work outside of those hours for staff without overtime loadings.

– A Ban on non-core tasks.


As your CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe is on leave currently, please respond to James Roberts at  or on 6234 1708 to indicate your support for escalating action and give suggestions on what actions should be undertaken.

If Members determine to escalate actions we’ll write to inform the Agency and issue further instructions to Members.

Presumptive Cancer Legislation

Your CPSU is pushing hard for Parks staff involved in firefighting activities to have the same provisions as career fire fighters, when it comes to work related cancers.

We wrote to the government a while back and have received a response, which you can read below.

Treasurer’s response 22.08.2014

We’ll continue to push for the review to start as soon as possible.


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