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Tasmanians say no to budget in North, North-West

HUNDREDS of public sector workers sent a strong clear message to the Tasmanian Government today at Bust the Budget rallies in Devonport and Launceston.


Child Protection Workers, library staff, Parks and Wildlife and hospital workers and many more showed up to condemn the budget and how the government has treated them.


It comes in the days after the government introduced the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill 2014, which:


• over-rides your agreements and awards and the wage increases they contain

• stops all incremental progression

• removes any workers’ rights to bargain for wages into the future

• removes the industrial umpires’ ability to make fair judgments

•  allows the government to change any part of the industrial law it doesn’t like without even returning to parliament for approval of both Houses, and

• allows the government to CUT PAY and REMOVE ENTITLEMENTS.


In Devonport CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch addressed the crowd while Assistant General Secretary Mat Johnston spoke at the Launceston rally.


It comes on the back of thousands rallying last week in the state’s capital.


The government has refused to talk to its workers and negotiate, rather, it has misused its power to try and override workers’ rights.


Treasurer Peter Gutwein and Premier Will Hodgman have lied to the Tasmanian people, saying they are merely freezing wages for 12 months and it will save 800 jobs – both are lies.


This budget hurts the state’s economy, diminishes services the public relies on, strips away decades of hard earned industrial rights and puts the future of thousands of Tasmanians into turmoil.


The CPSU urges Members and Tasmanians to sign the petition to the Tasmanian Legislative council, asking MLCs to reject this anti-worker, anti-democratic legislation.


Tasmania is the testing ground for an insidious right-wing agenda, which no doubt, if passed will be rolled out in states and territories Australia-wide.


See photos from the event here.


Sign the petition here.


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