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Anti-protest Bill: Still too broad

TOMORROW unions brief the Legislative Council on the Anti-protest legislation.

You’ll remember there was widespread condemnation of the legislation earlier this year, with a range of groups including unions, Civil Liberties Australia and many others saying the implications of the Bill were far reaching and anti-democratic. In response to this outrage, the government redrafted the Bill; unfortunately it didn’t go far enough. The Bill still allows for fines and mandatory jail sentences, even though it now applies to the forestry, mining, agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch noted the changes the government were proposing but indicated unions remain opposed to the Bill.  “The government has failed to explain why this Bill is needed when Tasmania already has legislation that deals with trespass”.  “The Bill goes much further than the government told Tasmanians before the election and it still includes mandatory sentences.  This is why the Legislative Council should reject the Bill.”


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