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Department of State Growth cuts: Government caught in yet another lie

DON’T believe the lies.


In media yesterday the government is again blaming unions for the jobs going at the Department of State Growth but the truth is it was always intending to make cuts this deep at State Growth.


Going back before the election the CPSU analysed the Liberal’s policies and that showed the full implementation of the Liberal’s saving plans for the merger of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts with the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources would see the number of jobs in the merged Department reduced by a total of 142 FTE.


Now the government want people to believe it was only going to cut 64 FTE jobs and that the other 110 FTE was caused by unions blocking their wage freeze legislation.


In January this year, your CPSU released a report into what the impacts of this merger might mean: Unravelling the Amalgamation: DEDTA & DIER. Find this report here.


This government is hell bent on its plans for the public service and is simply blame shifting in its latest rhetoric to media.


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