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DoE draft consultation plan

AS YOU’D be aware the 2014/15 budget made cuts across all agencies including Education. Since the budget’s release in August, the Agency has been pulling together a plan for cutting costs. This plan will see jobs cut and services scrapped and it’s likely to impact on all Members in some way.

Before the implementation of major change the Department has an obligation to consult with staff and their unions. This provides a chance to offer alternatives and minimise the impact of the change on staff. Your CPSU and other unions have been working with the Department on a Consultation Plan that gives clear guidelines on how this process works. Please find a copy of the draft Consultation Plan below.

We’d appreciate you sending any feedback, questions or concerns you have about this to your Organiser Kathryn Lee at

DoE consultation plan- final



This week your CPSU gave feedback to the Agency on its Sporting and Cultural Leave Policy update. There were only a couple of very minor changes proposed to the policy. Please see a copy of the DoE info sheet with the proposed changes to the policy below.

Sporting and cultural leave policy

Any questions or feedback please contact CPSU Organiser Kathryn at

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