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Leg Council Backs Union Call for Proper public sector review

PRESSURE is mounting on the government to support a plan put forward by public sector unions for a root and branch review of the public sector.

It comes after meetings with public sector union members overwhelmingly supported a number of savings measures, including such a review to end the boom/bust cycle and ensure we end up with the service Tasmanians want and can afford.

Yesterday the Legislative Council debated a motion put forward by Western Tiers MLC Greg Hall for a review into the public sector.

Mr Hall moved:

That this House calls upon the Government to request, as a matter of urgency, the Auditor-General, or any other appropriate entity, to undertake a comprehensive and independent review of the Tasmanian State Service, and its delivery of services to the Tasmanian community.

(2) The review should include such matters as, but not limited to ¾

(a) services required by Government;

(b) service delivery;

(c) overall efficiency; and

(3) That the review be completed by 30 June 2015.


The CPSU understands this motion was supported by the Legislative Council without the completion date.

It’s time the government listened instead of playing politics with the public sector.


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