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Speak Up: resources and advice to speak out about workplace misconduct

LAST week the Integrity Commission launched a campaign to encourage public sector workers to speak up if they witnessed or suspected misconduct in the workplace.


Integrity Commission Chief Executive Officer Diane Merryfull said the campaign gave the public sector and the public it serves the reassurance that misconduct can be reported and those reports will be acted upon.

‘We understand it can be difficult, but employees need to speak up so that Tasmania can have an ethically healthy public sector,” Ms Merryfull said.

“Misconduct is more widespread in the public sector than people believe and complacency can allow misconduct to spread.”

To help public sector workers and others speak up about misconduct the Integrity Commission has developed a set of practical resources including codes of conduct, video examples of misconduct, risk areas plus a guide to reporting misconduct.


Find out more about the campaign and extensive resources here.


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