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Value our Ambos

THERE’S no need to explain the importance of ambulance officers.

Open the document below to read the diary of a Victorian ambo ‘Emma’. It’s both harrowing and uplifting, details range of callouts, from an elderly man taking a fall to a frightening encounter with an ice addict.

Ambulance Officer – day in the life

Find the Facebook campaign Code Red – Value our Ambos, which is in response to the Victorian Government’s treatment of workers, here.

Tasmanian ambos are experiencing severe pressure as well, with service cuts causing ramping at hospitals. Launched earlier this year, the campaign involves ambulance paramedics keeping a tally of the hours they spend off the road due to ramping and chalk writing those details on ambulances.

Find out more on the campaign Facebook page here.

Ambulance Officers are just one of the many jobs where public sector workers day to day efforts contribute greatly to our community Australia wide.

Like ambos, workers in Pathology, Forensic Mental Health, Child Protection, Youth Justice, Courts, Community Health, Quarantine, WorkSafe, Consumer Affairs and Fair Trade, Legal Aid, Prison Services and countless other areas are there to help our communities not only function but improve.

Cutting public sector jobs and running down services only hurts Tasmanians.

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