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Want to know about WRIPS & Redundancies? Your union is the place to go

IN RECENT weeks most Agencies have called for expressions of interest in the Workplace Incentive Renewal Program and Targeted & Negotiated Voluntary Redundancies, but the CPSU has analysed the available documentation on these cost-saving strategies and has raised concerns and noted risks.


The TNVR program was created by the government with no negotiation with unions and no arbitration by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission and there are some inherent pitfalls, and making a bad decision regarding a WRIP can cost Members dearly.


If Members in your workplace are thinking about expressing interest in either program tell them they should talk to their union first – it might save them heartache and dollars.


You can download a poster below that gives Members an email address to contact for more information. Please print the poster and display it in your workplace.

CPSU ADVICE – TNVR WRIP poster Oct 7 2014

Non-members will need to join as this advice is only available to your unionised colleagues. It’s one of the many benefits of being a CPSU Member.



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