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CPSU: working for Members

EACH week we’re here to help Members. Here are just a few recent examples.


• A Member returned from leave to be told they’d be based at a different worksite. Due to personal circumstances, this was extremely difficult. After speaking with the CPSU, the Member then had the confidence to query the change and achieved a great outcome. If you’re not sure about how to broach or deal with an issue, contact your union. We’re here to help.

• We helped a Member for more than a year with a serious bullying issue. Their union supported the Member through a stressful grievance process. As a result of the CPSU’s help, the Member is now at a new workplace and is so far enjoying the change. If you’re experiencing bullying, this is one of the many areas your CPSU’s Member Advice and Support Team is skilled to help with.

• A CPSU Member applied for carer’s leave to help a relative, and went through the correct process to have this approved and believed it was so. However after this time the Member’s employer said they’d abandoned their employment. After contacting the CPSU, the Member’s union was able to resolve the issue, which should’ve never happened in the first place, putting this employee through unnecessary stress.

• A Member was rightly distrustful of the department after a worker’s compensation claim. After helping this Member and making them aware of their rights, the Member felt empowered to return to the workplace, which is a great outcome. If you need advice or support, contact your union.


Need help? Read more here.

If someone in your workplace isn’t a Member, now is the time to join. Membership information is available here.

As well as helping individual Members, your union is also front and centre in many ways, including political lobbying and enterprise bargaining.


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