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Labour 20: job, wage and service concerns.

IN THE wake of the G20 unions are saying the agenda leaves workers out of the picture, with flawed trickle-down economics modelling.

The Labour 20, L20, represents the interests of workers at the G20 level, bringing together trade union leaders from these countries.

International Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Sharan Burrow said the G20 modeling falsely assumed full employment, which is definitely not the case, with more than 200 million people out of work around the world. Ms Burrow specifically mentioned privatising public services in her media address.

“With the huge unemployment crisis, and no plans to address [the] demand needed to stimulate the global economy, the G20 will be back next year with higher unemployment and more fractured societies,” Ms Burrow said.

Jobs, wages and climate action have been raised as concerns from workers in every G20 country and across the world. Grave concern has been expressed during the L20 summit at the ‘sleight of hand’’ that is turning public and community services for the most vulnerable into profit making ventures. We will investigate on the basis that stable and inclusive growth is not possible without an enabling environment for people’s health, skills and care,” Ms Burrow said.



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