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Snapshot: Public sector survey initial results

A PRELIMINARY analysis of our survey results reveals CPSU Members overwhelming endorse the actions taken by public sector unions.

It shows:

Over 75% of respondents would take a 12 month wage freeze if government guaranteed the savings would be used to protect jobs, but only 10% were would do so if there was no guarantee this would save a single job. The truth is that if it wasn’t for the goodwill of public sector workers services would’ve already come to a standstill.

The results show:

Over 45% of respondents worked more hours than they were paid to and nearly 45% were available via email or phone outside their normal work hours. Around 1,625,000 hours of unpaid work is done by public sector workers each year – this equates to more than 800 FTE positions or a salary saving of more than $80m

This early analysis clearly shows the dedication and goodwill of public sector workers already under pressure to work longer and harder to make up for a lack of resources. We’ll continue to study these results and keep you informed. Thanks to all of you who did the survey and let us know what you think.


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