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After Hours Emergency Service Model

EARLIER this year Child Protection Staff, management and your unions met in Launceston to discuss the audit of the After Hours Emergency Service (AHES) policy, which CYS management conducted in June. Child Protection Workers gave feedback on the actual volume and activity that was monitored to collate the data on which the report relied. This feedback resulted in a three month extension of data collection to update records in “real time”.


After this meeting all AHES Staff were asked to complete a call register for the review period to allow for the collation and review of this data. After this data collection a proposed model was drafted and sent to staff and unions for consultation. Find this model below.

AHES Review 2014

Key points from this include an apparent reduction in calls/callouts and a reduction in AHES


It appears that team leaders and on-call staff were removed from the model due to an apparent reduction in calls/callouts. It seems that AHES operations management of the AHES would be centralised rather than operated regionally.


CYS management proposed January 5 as the date to have the new model implemented, with a two week period where staff and unions can give feedback. Your CPSU has already named concerns with the length of time given for this consultation and requested that this timeframe is extended.


Hopefully now we have agreement on this request but we’ll keep you updated on the timeframes.


A meeting with staff is on Monday December 8. Your CPSU Organiser Sarah Miller will attend but would love to hear your feedback, questions or concerns before this meeting. Are you an AHES worker? How will this model impact on you and/or CYS service delivery?


Sarah will visit St Johns Park this week but please contact her via or 6234 1708 if you have questions or would like more information.



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