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Government tries to avoid consultation obligations … and fails

IF ANY more evidence of this government’s attitude to its employees was needed, last week saw yet another example.

In an incompetent attempt to avoid its obligation to consult with workers and their unions on major change, last Thursday without notice the Hodgman government withdrew Employment Direction 19 and Policies, Procedures and Standards No.5. Both documents deal with how consultation with employees is to occur and what adequate and proper consultation means. Find these documents below.

ED19_Employee_Consultation and communication

Practices, Procedures & Standards No. 5 – Employee…

“It’s unlikely the government recognised the irony but it didn’t even consult on withdrawing these two important consultation documents,” CPSU Assistant Secretary Mat Johnston said.

“This government has absolutely no regard for either the effect its shortsighted strategy on services or the opinion of anyone except its unelected advisors,” Mr Johnston said. “It’s clear there’s a small group of zealots running this government and their opinions are the only ones that matter. Obviously this government holds the opinions of its workers in such low regard that it’ll do anything to avoid listening to them about anything.

The sad fact for Mr Hodgman, Mr Gutwein and their friends is that the Awards still contain provisions for consultation that continue to apply regardless of its attempts to avoid appropriate communications with staff and unions.  “It seems this government prefers to dictate from on high through brief media releases and ministerial statements under cover of parliamentary privilege rather than actually speak directly with anyone. It’s a very blatant form of arrogance when you refuse to listen to anyone else.”

Your CPSU is working hard to protect your rights for consultation on changes to your working life and will continue to update you on activity and disputes about this in the coming weeks.




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