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Health services brace for further cuts

TASMANIAN health services look to be hit even harder after the Federal Government released its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook on Monday.

Health policy analyst Martyn Goddard said the figures showed our state would receive about $86m less in health funding over four years than the May budget anticipated.

In a statement the analyst said state and territory governments were faced with the decision to either top up their health budgets from their own resources or to allow services to deteriorate further. “More patients will be forced to pay for care which will no longer be available in the public system,” Mr Goddard said. “Less well-off people will, therefore, be disproportionately hit.”

Read the full statement in the document below.

myefo health

See the total and yearly break down of the May budget health estimates compared to the latest funding figures in the table below (from Mr Goddard’s release).


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