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Labour Force: November 2014

IT WAS mostly positive news for Tasmania in the latest employment figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. See the highlights below.


Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate dropped marginally from the month of October to November this year, from 7.1 – 7%.


Participation rate

For the same period the Tasmanian participation rate also experienced a slight rise, from 61.4 – 61.7%


Employed: total persons

The total number of people employed increased from 239,600 to 240,800 from October to November.


Employed full time: total persons

From October to November the total number of people in Tasmania employed full time increased from 151,600 to 152,200.


Unemployed: total persons

We saw a 100 person drop in the total number of unemployed in our state during the same period, from 18,300 to 18, 200.



The civilian population increased for our state from October to November, up from 419,800 to 420,000.


National outlook

Looking nationally, our unemployment rate increased by less than 0.1%, from October to November, to 6.3% Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Find out more here.


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