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There is an alternate approach

DESPITE pleas from thousands of public sector workers to negotiate a wage freeze to save jobs and services the Hodgman Government has chosen the low road. It continues to bully and intimidate agencies into cutting jobs despite no real plan for the future. When challenged to explain decisions through proper consultative processes Mr Hodgman withdrew the Employment Direction on consultation – wrongly thinking this petulance could deny workers a voice.

Cutting jobs is bad for the economy, as unions had warned, and recent figures show consumer confidence and retail trade have fallen sharply in Tasmania. Now we have the Treasurer encouraging us to spend up big for Christmas to make up for his huge budget mistake.

Unions have continued to focus community attention on the impact of the cuts and much has already been said about education, with similar service cuts starting to show in Health, DPIPWE, Justice and other areas. The Department of State Growth has received the biggest hit of all with the slashing of many vital programs Tasmania needs to turn around a slowing economy.

The community is listening and it understands the Hodgman/Gutwein recipe means high unemployment, further disadvantage and greater inequity, so our campaign won’t relent in 2015. There are alternatives to the government’s plan and we’ll explain them to Tasmanians and ask for their support. We’ll keep holding this government accountable for its pre-election lies.

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