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Vital workers, services under threat at Tasmanian Health Organisation South

KEY JOBS that directly impact patient care are in question under the proposed cuts to Tasmanian Health Organisation South.

Social Workers, Pathologists, Radiologists and Pharmacists: these roles are all integral to ensure adequate health care for Tasmanians.

Community and Public Sector Union state secretary Tom Lynch told the media that a meeting at THO South on Monday hadn’t clarified if jobs in pharmacy, pathology, and medical imaging could potentially be included in the redundancy process.

A social worker, who works with patients in palliative care, who are suffering mental illness and are domestic violence victims told the ABC: “we’re feeling very stretched, very overwhelmed and that impacts upon our ability to do the job. We can’t be two places at once”.

This week unions were show a draft staff email that invites people to apply for voluntary redundancies, in areas such as allied health.

A government statement said that THOS South reductions would be sought in areas where people weren’t providing “direct service delivery”. It would be common sense to think social workers, pharmacists, radiologists, Pathologists, Physiotherapists and many more allied health workers were integral to the service delivery process.

Read the Examiner article here and the ABC article here.


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