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Huge rise in long term jobless

THE Government has its head in the sand, with latest jobs figures showing the number of long term unemployed in Tasmania surged almost 24% in the last 12 months.

Yesterday The Examiner reported that almost 6000 Tasmanians were out of work for 12 months, and a further 3000 for at least two years. In the news article Tasmanian Council of Social Services Chief Executive Tony Reidy said behind these jobless statistics were people.

In response Finance Minister Peter Gutwein talked about the importance of tax incentives to large employers and bonuses to small business. Clearly he’s not thinking about these people or their families.

Meanwhile, the Government with Mr Gutwein and Premier Will Hodgman at the helm are axing more than 1200 public sector jobs, contributing to our jobless rate and adding more Tasmanians to the unemployment queue.

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