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Quarantine cuts jeopardise our state’s industries

CUTS have the potential to weaken Tasmania’s defense against pest or disease outbreaks.

The CPSU raised this issue in the media last week. Read the Mercury article here.

Many industries including our honey producers, fruit growers and salmon farms rely on our state’s biosecurity and quarantine services to protect their valuable products.

Although this public service often happens behind the scenes it’s vital for our state economically.

Cuts to Quarantine and Biosecurity means higher risk for these industries and many more, which Tasmanians depend on for their livelihoods.

It’s amazing the government can continue to say its cuts to our public service won’t have an impact, this is misinformation.

Employees in this area work very hard to keep Tasmania free of any biodiversity pests and diseases that might destroy our clean green image.

Your CPSU will continue to fight for Tasmania’s vital public services.

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