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Removal of goodwill: courts

ON NOVEMBER 27 thousands of public sector workers across Tasmania made their voices heard. At more than 17 sites statewide CPSU Members overwhelmingly endorsed two resolutions.


Resolution One read:

Would you support a 12 month wage freeze IF the government guaranteed to commit all the savings to reducing the number of public sector jobs being cut and that it would implement any wage freeze through the Industrial Commission and not via the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill?

Resolution Two read:

That unless the Hodgman government change their ways – accept Members’ pay freeze proposal and protect jobs, begin to consult with workers and their unions as required by law and stop treating public sector workers with contempt then public sector workers will withdraw their goodwill by working strictly in accordance with their Awards and Agreements.

Since these resolutions were passed and presented for the State Government’s consideration, there’s been no attempt by the government to meaningfully consult with its employees or the CPSU as their representative. Instead the government continues with its plan to cut jobs and slash the services that Tasmanians need.

Your CPSU has sent DoJ correspondence indicating CPSU Members have withdrawn their goodwill from the following Courts:

– Burnie Supreme Court

– Burnie Magistrates Court

– Hobart Magistrates Court

 See these letters below:

Letter of Industrial Action Burnie Magistrates Court

Letter of Industrial Action Burnie Supreme Court

Letter of Industrial Action for OCIO

Letter of Industrial Action for SPP

Letter of Industrial Action Hobart Magistrates Court


Your CPSU is continuing to work with Delegates and Members in other Tasmanian Courts to implement the withdrawal of goodwill.

If you have any questions about this removal of goodwill please speak to your Workplace Delegate or contact Nick Duncombe on 6234 1708 or at


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