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Year in Review: A snapshot

THERE’S no doubt 2014 was a tough year.

On top of the work we do every day providing advice and support to individual Members who find themselves in difficult circumstances we ran a campaign to highlight the broken promises of the Hodgman Government. With other public sector unions and the help of Members and Delegates we organised Budget Day rallies, state-wide meetings and then stop work action in late November. We didn’t take this action lightly – we tried to raise our concerns, we tried to negotiate an alternative and we tried to offer solutions but in the end were forced to resort to industrial action because the government just wouldn’t listen.

Despite the difficulties we had many achievements. We shone a light on the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill that would’ve permanently changed the industrial relation system. We saw the Anti-Protest Bill amended to be much better than the government intended, although it’s still a bad piece of legislation. We forced Agencies to consult on change processes and in many cases that consultation led to better decisions. Late in the year the government cynically revoked the Employment Direction on consultation, but the Awards require proper consultation so we’ll continue to demand it. Perhaps the most important achievement was that we informed the community about what the government was doing and how all Tasmanians would be adversely affected. People don’t like being lied to by their politicians and the popularity of the Hodgman government will continue to fall until it realises this fact.

As a union we showed strength that only comes with single minded determination and unity.

There’s no doubt 2015 will present its own unique challenges too, with cuts rolling ahead and the State Government refusing to sit down and talk with workers or their unions. We’ve shown that together we are effective and can achieve results. We’ll keep emphasising the importance of public services and showing what cuts mean to all Tasmanians. Thanks for being a part of our team in 2014, we look forward to working with you this year.


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